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Install add-in
Large scale image scrolling
Word Outline to Notes pane in PowerPoint
Opening the VBE
Message during show
Unlimited Links
Long Credits
Anti-Spam Technique




Microsoft  PowerPoint MVP 2003-2007



    Here are some tips and techniques offered to help fellow PowerPoint users.  If there is something you would like to see added to this list, please do not hesitate to drop me a line, however, I can make no promises that any suggestion will be followed up.




Opening the VBE (Visual Basic Editor)

    Two techniques to open the macro/VBA editor window.  The VBE is where lines of code can be entered or edited.  Recorded macros automatically generate lines of code.


Install Add-ins

    Step-by step how-to for installation of add-ins for PowerPoint.



Large Scale Image scrolling

    Instructions on several methods to move large images across the slide during a show.



Outline to Notes

    Macro code to move 'level 6' outline notes (either from PowerPoint or as imported from MS Word) to the notes section of the slide.


Urgent Message

    This pair of macros will let you add an urgent message to a running show in dual screen mode.


Unlimited Links

    This macro will allow you to use an unlimited number of pseudo-links in a presentation.


Long lists of animated Credits

This is a tutorial that shows how to roll long lists of credits.


Anti-Spam Humor Email

A brief tutorial on being nice to your friends and keeping names out of the spammers hands.


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