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Microsoft  PowerPoint MVP 2003-2007


SizeMe Addin


After much consideration, I have decided to make this a free add-in and have removed the disabling date from the code.  The add-in is free for personal use but may not be re-distributed in any form.  Please replace the current add-in (ppa file) with this new one.



The SizeMe add-in picks apart your presentation and reports back the size of each slide, picture, shape, textbox, background, note, master slide, and any other objects within your presentation.  


Compatibility Note:

This version will work only with PowerPoint 2002 (XP) and PowerPoint 2003.    Important Note:  PowerPoint 2007 file format is not supported by this product - period.


An Informational Data Sheet is added to each slide summarizing the slide.  In addition, each object on the slide is labeled with a size tag. All the slide and object size data are exported to an Excel workbook (if Excel is installed) with graphic displays and summary data sheets included.

Click on this image to

see a full-size image

of a Slide Data Sheet



Three images of

the Excel workbook

created by SizeMe





First, install the SizeMe add-in file.  The Zip compressed file can be downloaded by clicking on this link.  Unzip the file 'SizeMe.ppa' and install it using the instructions at http://billdilworth.mvps.org/install_add-in.htm


Open and save a copy of your presentation.  The SizeMe add-in should not cause any harm to your presentation, but does make changes.  While in beta, please do not risk your original presentation. 


Start the SizeMe add-in.  Click on the Tools menu drop down and select the 'Display SizeMe object tags' command.  Follow the on-screen instructions.


Be patient.  The evaluation process is rather extensive and takes time, please be patient.  There are two indicators to show the progress thru the presentation's slides and thru each of the slide's objects.



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