(Click on image to download the un-retouched Word file.  This Word document was created from a slide presentation using the Slide Into Word add-in.  It is shown exactly as it was created.) 


   Slide Into Word is a PowerPoint add-in that replaces the functionality of PowerPoint's Send To Word option.

This add-in has been designed for PowerPoint 2000, 2002 (XP), 2003, and now 2007.





Key Benefits

*        Significantly smaller output document size

*        Significantly faster completion of task

*        Pre-formatted document

*        Time savings to produce quality Word output


What does it do?

    Slide Into Word is a PowerPoint add-in that will create a Microsoft Word document.  The document will be pre-formatted to include a heading, the main table, and page numbering.  The table will contain three columns with slide numbering, images of the slides in your presentation (in either full color or gray scale), and a notes column (either notes from the notes section of the presentation, or blank lines for personal note-taking).  Other user selectable options include:

*     Changeable sizing of slide images

*     An indication of how many manual animation advances are on each slide

*     An indication of if any objects are off the viewable area of the slide

*     Automatically saving the Word file to the same directory as the PowerPoint file


Demo  --


Click here to download the PowerPoint 2002 & 2003 version

 of the add-in (in WinZip  format). 




Click here to download the PowerPoint 2007 version

 of the add-in (in WinZip  format). 



    This is the full version of the add-in that will be in demo mode until the authorization code is purchased and entered.  Once you have downloaded and saved file, you will need to uncompress and install the add-in.

    The registration dialog will be shown each time the add-in is used until the authorization code is entered.

Please note that the Demo version will have an imprint ("Slide Into Word Demo") on the slide images until the add-in is purchased and the correct authorization code is entered.  Once the code has been entered, the imprint will be removed from all new Slide Into Word documents.  Entering the authorization code will not remove imprints already in place.




Price per license

Single user

39.95 USD

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