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Microsoft  PowerPoint MVP 2003-2007


Sync6 is a dual monitor presentation tool.

Free Beta Download:

    Click here for Zip compressed add-in file.  See Installing an add-in for help with loading Sync6.  The Beta version will work unrestricted until July 1, 2007.  I welcome feedback on errors and suggestions for improvements.

Known issues:

    The add-in will not change display in the edit view if more than one presentation is open when show started.  This does not prevent other shows from opening.

    Activation button on the Sync6 menu does not change to reflect add-in state.



    Modifies the presenter's monitor to allow better awareness of current and upcoming slides, notes, and animations.  It incorporates the advantages of PowerPoint's 'Presenter view' with the advantages of standard dual monitor projection and adds a few additional tools.

    Unlike the built in presenters view in PowerPoint, it continues to allow for normal navigation between slides during a presentation. 

    Displays current and previews next slide in an editable form.  Allows the user to catch those last minute typos and misspellings.

    Displays current and next slide information including the slide number and the number of manual animation cues.

    Displays the type and speed of the transition that will be used.

    Links to open the appropriate transition and animation information.

Function Standard
Dual Mode
Synchronizes presenter's monitor to slide show Sometimes Yes Yes
Allows ## <enter> slideshow navigation Yes No Yes
Allows edits on current slide Yes No Yes
Allows edits on preview slide No1 No Yes
Displays current slide number No Yes Yes
Displays next slide number No Yes Yes
Displays preview of next slide





Displays number of manual animation advances for current slide No No Yes
Displays number of manual animation advances for next slide No No Yes
Displays upcoming transition type & speed No No Yes
Displays notes for current slide Yes Yes Yes
Displays formatted notes for current slide No No Yes2
Displays formatted notes for next slide No No Yes2

                1 - Slide edit pane must be manually advanced to the slide in order to edit

                2 - Notes formatting is limited to bold, italics, underline, font size and font type.



PowerPoint Standard Presenter's view with projection (click for full sized image) available out of the box with PowerPoint 2002 (XP) and 2003.


One possible Sync6 View (click for full sized image) with projection.



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