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As many people have found out, there is a limited amount of space available within a presentation file for hyperlinks.  Each character in the hyperlink takes up an available space within the document's available storage area.  So ...

When is a hyperlink not a hyperlink?   When it is a VBA Macro.  So if you can accept the limitations of VBA, then have I got a Macro for you. 


Here are the steps for those that have enabled VBA within their presentations:


1) Add this Macro to your Presentation (help with this).

Option Explicit

Sub Fission(oBoom As Shape)
    Dim vSaved As Boolean
        vSaved = ActivePresentation.Saved

    On Error Resume Next

    With oBoom.ActionSettings(ppMouseClick)
        .Hyperlink.Address = "http://" & _
        .Run = "Fission"
        .Action = ppActionRunMacro
        End With

    ActivePresentation.Saved = vSaved

End Sub


2) Now place the address of the hyperlink in the text of any shape or textbox.

3) Right click on the shape or text box and select Action Settings.  No not use a hyperlink on the shape.

4) Select On Click and Run Macro and choose Fission.

5) Now run the show to test your new linker.



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